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Magic Cafe open

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Magic Cafe open

Post by magic admin on Thu Jul 25, 2013 10:44 am

Hello Every one

I am Thomas Bernard I Decided to create this Forum/cafe

for magic lovers out there

WE are looking for Mods and people to be staff members

To apply for a Job please pm me magic admin *you must have at least 5 posts before you apply*

Forum experience *prefered BUT not needed* - You will be put on a 2 week trial if you not active enough or not doing good with your Job within the 2 weeks you will lose your rank / Job
- Note you will lose rank / staff job before the 2 weeks if you are stupid and / or destroy the site or not active enough

if you done well you be on the staff team and be a staff member the more active you are the better

*You will be contacted 2 weeks later if you are a perm Staff member or not*

at any time if you destory forum weather being admin or mod etc - You will be demoted and banned for 1 week
and be never be able to apply for future jobs on this forum again - This will go for Perm staff members as well

magic admin

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