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Why another message forum?

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Why another message forum?

Post by magic admin on Thu Jul 25, 2013 10:00 am

That’s a very good question, and one I hope to answer as the days go by. I frequent several magic boards, and I keep finding myself thinking; "I have a better idea..."

Well maybe I do, and maybe I don’t... in time I will know, and so will you.

The Magic Café is your place, a refuge as it were. A spot for those in the magical arts to relax, have a cup of coffee, and talk about the art they love so much.

When putting the Café together, I decided right away to place subjects of interest into seperate categories.

There is nothing more frustrating or time consuming then scrolling down endless threads hoping to find a subject of interest.

Our menu is arranged so you can jump right into your favorite area, a big help when your looking for something in particular.

We have several cool features here that I know you will really enjoy. Want to add a "smilie" to your post, but can’t remember the key combination? A list of smilies will appear when you're posting. Just "click" on the picture of choice and... "Shazam!" instant smilie... I knew you would like that.

There are many other features, just read the good old FAQ area for more information.

Do we have rules here? Yes we do, but they are not unreasonable. In fact, you may find us to be a little more lenient than some boards. However, we do ask that you behave like ladies and gentlemen. Please see the
When dining with us area for more information.

With all that said, I’m glad you’re with us, and look forward to seeing your ideas, questions, and opinions in regards to this wonderful world we call magic.

Happy posting.....

magic admin

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