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Updates 29/08/13 & Future updates.

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Updates 29/08/13 & Future updates.

Post by Beastly on Thu Aug 29, 2013 8:59 am

It's 4:54am (Don't ask me why I'm still on the computer...)
3 small forum-sided updates to tell you about:

UPDT#1: Crowns now work for all users who have them (Currentely me and Magic Admin are the only ones with crowns)

UPDT#2: Added Moderator group, crowns & rank.

UPDT#3: This one was fixed by Magic admin - Colored usernames, any user which is in a group will now have a color affiliated with that group.

UPDT#4 - Portal added - go to it []here[/url] all announcements will be stored here.
More updates coming soon.

Future updates:

Donation Page is coming soon, I promise (You don't have to donate, however it will go towards buying a domain)

Donation Benefits:

Donator benefits are:
- Cool user & rank and a crown
- Access to new areas of the forum which normal users cannot access.

Feel free to suggest more.
Please note, we only accept new zealand dollars.

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Re: Updates 29/08/13 & Future updates.

Post by magic admin on Mon Sep 02, 2013 1:30 pm

cool thanks very much

beastly your the best ever would like to see a pic of you one day to see who you are

i still working on here andn on the new warezgeeks site

magic admin

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