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Post by magic admin on Thu Jul 25, 2013 8:50 am

Welcome to The Magic Café! Since you are already here and looking around, why not take this opportunity to register?

It only takes a moment, costs you nothing, and allows you the privilege of participation in our magic community!

We want you to be a part of our ever growing magic family, and it takes magicians like you to keep us growing.

We realize that you may have had a bad experience on another message board. Please understand we will do all we can to make you feel welcomed here! We do not tolerate flaming and or rude behavior here, so why not give us a try?

Okay, so you feel like you have nothing to say that anyone would be interested in.

You might surprise even yourself, once you get familiar with us, I’m sure you’ll want to join in the fun.

After all, sometimes just an "I agree" or "Where can I get one" is all you need to post, and shazam! You're involved.

So come on in, we won’t bite, join our party!

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